Saturday, 30 January 2010

Great conditions for snowshoeing!

Well I've had a great week with a great group! The snow conditions have been really good for snowshoeing, and probably for skiing too although you had to be lucky to avoid the wind blown areas. Some days were pretty foggy but this doesn't really bother us on snowshoes as we can go in the forest and still have a good hike.

When people come to the Alps for their first time on snowshoes it's a huge voyage of discovery, from the techniques of actually walking in the snow, to learning about avalanche risk and safe travel, to the glorious reality that as well as a way to get into the mountains in winter, snowshoeing is just FUN!!

As my group this week became more confident in the snow and with each other the fun levels rose each day, encouraged by a couple of confirmed snowshoers who already knew the deal.

By the end of Thursday there were requests for lots of downhill for the last day which would not have been the case a few days earlier.

And the last day obliged with slopes of fabulous untracked powder, just waiting for us and our raquettes.

One person told me "Hilary, I haven't had as much fun as I've had this week for a very long time".

How good is that???


greener side said...

I've often thought about doing a hiking trip in your area but not a snowshoe. I'm sure it's gorgeous no matter what time of year.

Nice photos!

Dave Butcher said...

Hi H,
Now, that looks like fun! Good pics too. Dave