Monday, 18 July 2011

Non-stop trekking leaves no time to post!

It's been a busy time here in the Alps with 3 trips back to back, in generally great conditions. The lack of snow last winter meant that the trails were snow-free earlier than normal which was good for summer walking.

Annecy Summits was a new spring trip last year but this year we went later and were lucky enough to have beautiful weather. The summits aound the lake provide challenging hiking and amazing views Add to that very luxurious acommodation and evening swims in the lake and you get a wondeful hiking holiday - definitely one to repeat in the future.

The came then first of my Creaky Knees Specials, this one the Swiss based gentle week, which featured lots of pleasant flowery walks with a minimum of descent.

Finally, I am just back from theChamonix Zermatt trek which I did with return clients whose enthusiasm and dress sense made this one of the best treks ever.

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