Thursday, 26 January 2012

Massive snowfall in the Alps

It's been a snowy week in Vallorcine, my adopted village. Saturday saw Vallorcine cut off from the world (well, from France anyway) with the road closed and the train rather embarrassingly stuck.
But things soon improved as conditions stabilised and we've been treated to some great snowshoeing and skiing conditions.
 The general consensus is that we've not seen such heavy snowfall for a good few years - and that there's now enough to last for a while.
Once the sun comes out it really is very beautiful.

And for the moment there are very few people around so there's lots of untracked snow which makes for great walking and running down.
Although there is a little less snow further south, conditions are still reported to be good.

Next stop for me - another week in the Val Clarée (Dauphiné Alps) early February. They claim 300 sunny days a year there so let's hope we don't hit any of the other 65 days.

So it's goodbye from Vallorcine where all the women are strong, the men are good looking and everyone is enjoying the snow.

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