Sunday, 26 February 2012

Colour me Beautiful!

It's been another great week in my office, over in the Aosta Valley Headquarters this time.
The cold weather has now given way to pretty hot and sunny conditions and although we didn't have fields of untracked over the head powder, we certainly had plenty of snow, much of it very good for snowshoeing. 

Now then, about these colours. Take a look at these carefully selected shots. Everyone is wearing some shade of colour and they look wonderful. The scenery is spectaular anyway but if these folk were wearing black (or grey or beige, heaven forbid!) the photos would be severely compromised. I can only thank my friends this week for thinking of this when they chose their wardrobe. Please do bear this in mind if you're coming snowshoeing or trekking with Trekking in the Alps - there's nothing worse than a great photo spoiled by a monochrome hiker, (although of course for silhouette shots this is immaterial!)

In addition to the great weather, we also enjoyed good accommodation and took the time to savour all the gastronomic specialities that the Aosta region offers.  It's always great to have a group that fully embraces this aspect of the trip.
We spent the final night at the Rifugio Bonatti, my favourite hut where we had a very warm welcome from the gardienne and also from Skip, my favourite dog, who led us up to the Pas Entre Deux Sauts the next morning.
The view of the Peuterey Ridge in the evening

The same view next morning

Heading up to the pass

Skip after a fine morning's work

Great raquettes, great view

Father and son giving it max on the descent

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Dave Butcher said...

Hi H, I can't let this one go. Black is by far the best colour for the outdoors; colour is completely unnecessary in my black and white photos! See you sometime. Dave Butcher