Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lots of sunny weather, great hikes, marmots and flowers.....then fog and rain!

Since my last post I had a few days off to go climbing and now I have just finished with a large and generally very friendly International group - people had come from Wales, New Zealand, the UK and the Yukon in Canada. They had signed up for my Chamonix Mountain Adventures week, so I set about giving them just that.  
Although there have been forecasts for storms pretty much every day for the last 3 weeks, the weather has been amazing - hot and sunny with only the odd rainy episode overnight. 

  We had a fabulous first 3 days in glorious hot sunshine. Summits were climbed, as were ladders, and we even managed to have a warm swim in a high mountain lake - this was really special.

Unfortunately the last two days were rainy and misty, despite a promising forecast for the Friday. But we had a fun overnight in a mountain hut where everyone enjoyed traditional cuisine in very convivial surroundings. The final day certainly gave us an adventure as we took a bold route through the limestone foothills, amongst rocky scenery, most of which we could only guess at as thick fog refused to clear. But we had a brief encounter with ibex and we made it down Death Gully!!  Everyone seems to have had a great time, even if my own nerves are slightly frayed!!

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