Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Special Discount for my Snowshoeing trips!

The snow conditions are fabulous, what a great start to the winter! There are ski and snowshoe tracks appearing on the hillsides as I write this!
However, I know this is a difficult for time financially for most people and it seems like these hard times will continue for some months or more.
It's great to know that if you come out for a winter break the snow will be there and looking at Easyjet today I see that flights for this winter are still a good price, outside of the half term holidays anyway.
But to make things very slightly easier for people to come snowshoeing, I am offering a Christmas Special Discount on advertsied prices for my 4 and 6 day trips.

For any bookings between now and January 1st there will be a price reduction of £10 on 4 day trips and £20 on 6 day trips. For those people who have already booked, as soon as I get an extra booking that reduction applies to all bookings.
How good is that?

The list of holidays with available places is below. Just email me with the discount code CSD before 1st of January to make a booking and get this price reduction. Places are limited!!!

Private guiding is also possible but I am running out of free days fast.


4 days: Meet 27 January; 17 March

6 days: Meet 31 January; 7 February; 28 March.

For more info go to

Right, time for me to get my snowshoes out and go and make some tracks!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!

Already by the end of September this year we had had our first fall of snow in the garden. Since then we enjoyed a beautiful warm October, but those early signs were correct and winter has arrived in full force, before November is through. This is what happened last year and we went on to have one of the best winters ever. Winter 08/9 looks set to be the same

After some very wind-blown snowfall at the weekend, last night saw half a metre of windless powder. We could hardly find our cars to dig them out this morning. And now it's snowing again.

Once this snowfall stabilises there will be some fabulous conditions for snowshoeing and skiing. The good thing is that there is already a firm base, which is what is sometimes lacking at this time of year.

I have lots of snowshoeing weeks and 4 day trips lined up, some of which still have places free. Now is the time to book whilst the flights are still reasonable.

Meanwhile if heli-skiing is your thing then it's good to know the heliski organisers' prices are more or less held from last year. Every year there are rumours that this wonderful activity will be banned, and once again the whispers are circulating. Best get those dream descents in before the kill-joys get their way!

Even in these difficult times, when the euro is too strong, and none of us know quite what the future holds, at least if you want a winter holiday you can be sure of good conditions.