Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's summer time so let's talk snowshoeing!

It's hot and sunny and the summer trekking season starts in a few weeks. But as ever we're thinking about the next season.
Winter 2012 will see some new trips, notably the Queyras region.
Having relocated to northern Provence we're going to be offering areas further south than the Alps, as well as the classic trips in the Mont Blanc region, Aosta, and Swiss Valais.
The calendar will be posted soon on the website but meanwhile take a look at these snowshoe shots from this last winter. For a "lean snow" season, it was pretty good!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Springtime in the Drome

Trekking in the Alps is branching out and will be offering hiking in northern Provence next spring.

What a beautiful area: rocky valleys and rounded summits, beautiful old Provençal villages and clear fast flowing rivers. Already people are bronzing on the rocks and bathing in the water.

Spring burst upon us in April and each week sees new flowers blooming.

The vines are green and leafy and the cherries almost ripe.

And the very best thing about hiking in this region? The vultures!

In certain areas you only have to look up and there will be at least a couple of beautiful huge graceful Griffin vultures circling overhead.

Then of course there's also the biking - Mont Ventoux, the "Giant of Provence" is visible everytime you climb a hill so it's hard to ignore it. But here's more to biking here than that huge climb, good though it is. Small roads anbd passes abound and along the way you're sure to find a nice village café for a cold beer and a cake.

So watch this space for the dates for next spring, and of course for the 2012 Snowshoeing schedule.