Monday, 22 February 2010

Great rolling conditions

Surely by now any informed hiker knows about snowshoeing and how it really is The Very Best Way to Enjoy the Alps in Winter? Those crisp cold mornings spent hiking up through the silent snow-muffled forest, then emerging in sunshine to 360° views from the Alps. Usually we continue on up to reach a summit or two before bounding down the fresh powder slopes back to a well-earned beer or hot chocolate in the nearest bar.

All that's been well-documented. But there's far more to enjoying snowshoeing than that!

We're in the midst of the Winter Olympics and so acrobatics have been the order of the day

and the Snowshoe Roll is something everyone should try - at least just once.

indeed, probably several times.

Conditions are superb, it's warmed up a bit, we have fresh powder most days, what could be better! Let's hope it lasts. And if in the distant future Snowshoeing becomes an Olympic Sport - Trekking in the Alps will be putting forward a team.