Monday, 22 July 2013

Three times around the Tour of Mont Blanc

Sorry it has taken me so long to post anything, I find it very hard to do so as this will push my darling Zig into second place. but this is a hiking blog so it's time. However, I won't write much this time, have to do this fast before I change my mind!
I have just spent 24 days on the trails. The weather has generally been great. Conditions were very snowy to begin with but now the TMB is almost back to normal.
The flowers are late and consequently this last week has seen exceptional flowers at around the 1500 - 2000m level.
I'm going to let the photos do the rest - but here's a quote from some delightful folks who were with me on one of the treks:
"We wanted to thank you so very much for a wonderful trek!!!  We had a fantastic time, saw amazing views, met great people and laughed a lot, learned about the Mont Blanc area, ate great food, and enjoyed great wine and beer.  You organized an amazing Tour Du Mont Blanc trek and we are very grateful to you for that!  Thanks for all your patience with us.  We will definitely be looking into your treks in the future."

Jumping for joy on the trail: warning, most of us can't do this!