Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The great conditions continue - how long can it last?

I have been working back to back snowshoeing groups this month which is hard work but with these amazing conditions my "Office" is providing a wonderful playground.
The temps dropped a little which firmed up the snowpack and left the snow harder but easeir to walk on. Then we had some fresh snow about a week ago which gave everything a fresh coat of white which was very pretty.
Now it's gone very warm again but so far the conditions are better than I had expected and more snow is forecast for next week.
Here are some shots of the last few days:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Springtime conditions at Simplon and Gemmi

It's been a hot and sunny week throughout the Alps. I keep reading reports that there is no snow, it's all fallen down, it's all rubbish and soupy, that conditions are no good. Well that's nonsense! We just had a fantastic 4 days in good snow - not always over head powder but nevertheless snow which held our weight and even allowed us some nice off piste at times. The wall to wall blue skies made the sacrifice of cold champagne powder something we could deal with. 

Summits were climbed and cols were reached.

Photo Steve Mancey
Luckily this group had obviously read my last blog post as they came with at least some decent coloured tops - not all of them it must be said but they were reprimanded and have promised to be more photographically attired next time.  

We were very surprised on our last day to actually find some pretty good heavy powder, uniform enough to allow us some great running descents: Action!!! 

You could almost believe spring is here......or is it?