Saturday, 17 November 2012

Autumn in the Drôme

It's now 2 weeks since we migrated south to the Drôme and it's been wonderful to discover autumn in this region. We've not been here so early before and so we haven't seen the trees so colourful and the sun so bright.

I went to renew my acquaintance with the vultures of Remuzat the other day and certainly wasn't disappointed. They are such amazing birds I never tire of watching them soar over the cliffs. This time they kept me waiting a good half hour but just as I was about to leave a posse of about 30 arrived and gave me a fabulous display!

Last weekend though saw really heavy rain which led to some impressive waterfalls. The porous limestone here must be riddled with tunnels where the water pours down.
Time to get out in the garden now - November is apparently prime planting time down here, contrary to everything I have known before.