Sunday, 19 May 2013

Provence Hiking Week

Just finished the second Provence Hiking Week. The first one took place last year in late April, this time we chose mid May. We had a full group of 9 people, all regular Trekking in the Alps customers. Many had already met on previous trips with me and it was certainly felt like a gathering of friends.

I can't lie and say the weather was perfect because it wasn't - and isn't anywhere in Europe so far as I can see. But we had 4 hot and sunny days and then 3 mixed - ranging from cloud to light drizzle and then heavy rain to snow on the tops!

Everyone enjoyed the walks and since people were hiding in the shade by the 4th day of sunshine it seemed appropriate that after that the rain came!
it didn't deter us and we had a great bike ride mid week, exploring the small Proven├žal villages and seeing the vineyards and poppy fields close up. Roman remains were visited and also olive mills and lavender distilleries.

The vultures obliged with some amazing fly bys, as promised.
Here's what one person wrote at the end of the trip: "Beautiful landscapes, enticing scents, fantastic food and perfect company! Am planning my retirement as an olive farmer!".
Here's Provence hiking at its best:

The future should see several of these trips each year - spring and autumn. My additonal website, should be up and running by next month.
Thanks to my group for being such good models for my photos and such good company for me and each other.